Is this a scam?

  robinw 11:26 02 Sep 2011

Ihad a phone call this am purporting to have come from microsoft saying that my computerhad generated a number of error messages. I was asked to look into computer management>service applications>indexing services>system> query the catalogue> and this showed my windows warranty had run out. Being gullible I was then taken to another screen which I cant remember and was invited to type in a 6 digit number and then to go to I was asked to pay a sum of money for the thenew warranty which was running automatically. At this point I came to my senses, put the phone down and disconnected the computer by switching it off - it would not allow me to close internet explorer. Is this a scam and have I compromised my computer in any way by going as far with the download as I did? It seems to be running OK but have I given away all my secrets?

  finerty 11:35 02 Sep 2011

do you have the power switch to the router unplug it, if its an ehternet cable pull it out.

yes i believe these are scams since its up to you renew the warranty etc for your computer not a call centre.

You are not alone, did you give them any card details over the computer, if so contact your bank in person, if not then your safe. This so called 6 digit number was oit from your credit card or from the scammer.

  VOT Productions 11:36 02 Sep 2011

Yes, this is a common phone scam. The first thing with Computer Management is completely harmless, as these errors aren't that bad. Useful for IT Professionals, not common users like you. The download is remote support software - meaning "Microsoft" can see your desktop. I advise you to uninstall it and no, you done a good thing by detecting that might be a scam.

  VOT Productions 11:37 02 Sep 2011

Oh and finerty, the 6-digits aren't a bank code.

  PSF 12:18 02 Sep 2011

It would be a good idea to run a virus scan straight away, and Malware scan. Delete your browser history first, also run a Disk Clean up to remove recent temporary files. To do this right click your c: drive click on properties and then run Disk Cleanup...

  Nontek 13:31 02 Sep 2011

A well known, the six-figure code is in fact to enable scammers to operate your pc and make changes. Very similar to the very good and legitimate Teamviewer.

  Nontek 13:32 02 Sep 2011

Ooops - that should read - A well known scam, ..... etc.

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