SB Live and VIA KT333 - System freezes

  Codfish 10:28 18 Aug 2003

OK. This may start a flood of tears from other users, or then again may not.

Has anyone experienced serious problems with SoundBlaster Live cards (I have Player 1024) and VIA chipsets?

I have an ABit motherboard with KT333 chipset on my new self-build PC. I have an Athlon XP2000+. I moved from Win95b to XP and took my existing soundcard with me. I'm beginning to wonder if this was a big mistake.

My PC just freezes at a drop of a hat at times, sitting there with the display active but no response from Ctrl+Alt+Del or keyboard. It's even worse when I'm connected to my the net on my PCI modem, as the motherboard beeps at me when it refreshes after hitting reset. Other times reset works okay and I'm back to square one again.

Has anyone been told the same as me that there are SERIOUS issues with SB cards and VIA chipsets? If so, what's the cure? It's very annoying when rendering video footage over and over. HELP!! =:-(

  Codfish 09:41 23 Sep 2003

Just need to promote this item so that someone can help with this possible hardware conflict. It's driving me insane.

  Jester2K II 09:44 23 Sep 2003

I'm running a PCI512 SB card on a Via Chipset - its ok.

Have you got the latest driver uopdates for Xp from Creative? Start Here click here

  Codfish 10:01 26 Sep 2003

I'll try this again - though little reward from past experiences at Seems the download centre has changed so maybe it's an improvement that will also apply to the drivers.

I found some old threads in the db on here and saw how much of a nightmare the issue seemed to be (ie. Creative and VIA not resolving the problems). As those threads were some time ago and maybe now Creative have changed from advising to use the generic XP driver (which was what all the surfing before revealed).

  Chegs ® 10:29 26 Sep 2003

I had major hassles with SB Live in my last mobo(Epox)I also ran a search thru google and located several methods to alleviate the probs.None of the suggested fixes worked,so I installed the card onto my daughters puter(also Via chipset but the card worked fine on it)I have just changed mobo again(another Via mobo)and this one is also quite happy to have the card.As it was a while ago I was having hassles,I cannot recall the file names I tried(one was a blokes name)but in the Epox,soon as puter tried to create a sound,the OS crashed/locked up and a loud whistle came from the speakers.I tried various things,freed up IRQ's,disabled the joystick ports,switched off the SB16(I think it was)part of the SB all to no avail as SB+Epox was not gonna work.

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