SB IRQ confliciting with PC IRQ

  Edwina 16:13 18 Feb 2003

Had a hard disk replaced by Mesh under warranty. Since when every time I switch computer on I get the above message which ends SB NOT LOADING. Hopefully there is something I can do to solve this myself because I would rather hit my head on a brick wall several times in succession than try to discuss this with Mesh!

  BrianW 16:31 18 Feb 2003

I suspect the message may be SB IRQ conflicting with PCI IRQ? What operating system are you using? If its Win98(se) then have a look under start/programmes/accessories/system tools/sytem information/hardware resources/conflicts/sharing and also under the same string but under IRQ. This should show you what the conflict is. If you are using Win XP I'm not sure how you get at the same information but I am sure that an XPert will be along shortly. You then should be able to re-assign the IRQs to resolve the problem. One thing to try is to go into your CMOS settings as you boot up. Look under the section marked Plug and Play (PnP) an see if your PnP is set to Yes. If it is, try setting it to No (this lets BIOS assign the IRQs). It can sometimes resolve the problem.

  Edwina 17:05 18 Feb 2003

thanks Brian - your instructions good and found conflict/sharing and IRQs - unfortunately I have no idea what I am looking at when I get there. I can clearly see that several numbers are shared by several things but how do I re asign and how do I know which one/s to re asign? Sorry - you clearly thought you were conversing with someone with more than two IT brain cells.

  BrianW 17:29 18 Feb 2003

What does it say against the SB item? Mine is on IRQ 5 and has only one other item with it, a PCI steering device.

  Edwina 19:16 18 Feb 2003

The SB is on IRQ 9 and shares it with 3other items. ie ACPI IRQ Holder for PCI IRQ Steering (twice) and AMD 756PCI to USB open host controller

  BrianW 19:51 18 Feb 2003

Just checked in my reference book and it confirms that sound cards are usually installed on IRQ 5. As you first boot up your PC you should see a message which says something like "to enter BIOS pres DEL key". Do this and you will be presented with a blue screen with various options. (You will not be able to use your mouse so navigate by arrow keys). The one you are looking for will be headed something like "PNP" or "Plug and Play settings". Enter that and check whether it is enabled for plug and play or set for BIOS select. You may also see the option to set IRQ manually. What I suggest is that you start by changing from either BIOS select to PNP enabled or vice versa. Then exit and save your settings. The machine should then boot normally, and hopefully without the warning message. Check your IRQ assignment as before and let me know what happens. Best of luck.

  Edwina 22:01 18 Feb 2003

I did as you suggested - and changed the PNP (think it had OS with it as well but didnt know what this meant) to enabled as it appeared to be disabled - however after saving and exiting nothing has changed. Further down the line the PNP IRQ9 was listed (5 times) but I wasnt sure what if anything to do with this - I couldnt see anywhere that it said change IRQ manually. Well not actually in those words at any rate. I went back in again but cant really make any more sense of it or understand what I should do next.

  Edwina 22:03 18 Feb 2003

Nowhere did it seem to say BIOS SELECT versus PNP

  BrianW 22:07 18 Feb 2003

Edwina, sorry it hasn't worked yet. Can you let me know what your motherboard and other system details are. If not, at least let me know what BIOS + version you have (see in the start up screen, it should say something like Award Bios v3.1 or something similar. I can then try and chase up some more info for you. Brian

  Edwina 22:47 18 Feb 2003

OK Brian - I have restared a few times - I think the bios is 3.11 (and something) all too quick to see!! When I get further in it says AMBIOS SIMPLE SET UP UTILITY V 1.24h1 (simple eh!!) The motherboard is AMD Athlon 700. I hope thats what you need. Thanks for your help.

  Edwina 22:50 18 Feb 2003

Ok Brian - I have restarted several time to get this info. Bios appears to be 3.11 (and something - too quick to read the rest). On entering the bios it says AMBIOS SIMPLE SET UP UTILITY V.1.24h1 (simple eh?!!) The motherboard is an AMD ATHLON 700.

And just to add something whether it helps or not is another thing but the SB message says SB16 EMULATION DRIVER NOT LOADING.

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