SB AUDIGY...Creative Player Crashing...

  [DELETED] 09:33 17 Oct 2003

Below are two error reports that XP gives:


szAppName : CTPlay2.exe szAppVer : szModName : CTABase.dll
szModVer : offset : 00041ce0

Running XP PRO, SB Audigy with 5.1 sorround, 2400XP, 1gb PC2700, 2x 40gb HD's, sony dvd rom & sony cdrw, g-force ti4600 & Asus A7v8x motherboard with latest bios update.

I have disabled the onboard sound, tried updating the drivers and software from Creative, have uninstalled and re-instaled twice, ran DXDIAG.exe and found no faults, yet it keep crashing when I goto rip cd's from wav's into MP3's for use on my server.

Any ideas appreciated.


  [DELETED] 10:12 17 Oct 2003

Sometimes there is a conflict with media player. Creative player works fine under 2000. What I have done is to remove creative player and use media player 9 instead on one machine and have no problems or use roxio 5 platnum on the other with no problems. I would advise you use media player 9.

  [DELETED] 10:49 17 Oct 2003

I was going to do that, but Creative players has speacial sound effects via EAX, plus various diagnostic tools, which are very handy. Being a gamer as well and a music fan I need really good special effects, which EAX supply, thus I want to keep it.

I will try disabling WMP and see if there is any improvement.

  [DELETED] 10:54 17 Oct 2003

as far as im aware the only effect you dont have access to using media player over the highly unstable media player is "dream" - though this always crashes my system before initialising anyway so no loss! you can access all the EAXs through the system tray icon

  [DELETED] 12:18 17 Oct 2003

I had a prob with XP and Creative install,I resolved it by running it in compatability mode.My prob was different in each time I tried to select 4 speakers the puter would crash.See if you can alter the compatability mode on the Creative MediaPlayer.

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