SB Audigy SE

  tony-guitar 18:07 31 Dec 2012

Hi, i have a pc that was built by PC Specialist, but i got them to add some upgrades. Instead of on-board sound and graphics, i got them to install a Radeon HD6570 graphics card and a Creative SB Audigy SE sound card. However, there's an odd thing going on with the Audigy sound card. Within Control Panel/Manage audio devices, there are ticks in 'record' and 'playback' and it's the default device ( the realtec, ie on-board sound is 'disconnected').I have sound from all 5.1 speakers, and 'this device is working properly' is also dislayed in another box. BUT, and this is where i need some help, it's 'Not Detected' when i want to record from line-in, and same if i type into the search box 'audio recorder'. Creative's own diagnostics says 'the audio device supported by this application may not be need to close the application'. Please help, - Tony

  Woolwell 13:04 01 Jan 2013

I have a pc with Realtec and Audigy SE. You can connect speakers or line in to either device. Have you checked that you are using the right line-in?

  tony-guitar 14:11 01 Jan 2013

Hi Woolwell, yes, speakers and line-in jack are both connected to the soundcard. I remember the quick start guide being quite adamant not to plug into the original sockets.

  Woolwell 14:46 01 Jan 2013

Do you have the latest drivers?

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