SB Audigy 2 problems

  alistairy 07:20 15 Jan 2009

I stupidly posted this request for help under a closed thread from March last year because it was virtually the same problem as I have.
The topic I refer to was Jim solving Keiths problems with his Audigy sound card. My problems started since downloading the latest software from the Creative site. My sound disappeared entirely. Attempts at uninstalling, card removal and reinstallation ended with plx problems. I then did the cleansweep as itemised so well by Jim. Everything installed cleanly and appeared perfect except that the only sounds that play are from midi recordings supplied with creative organizer. WAV and other types of recordings are mute. If I record via the microphone the audio waves can be seen recording. They are however mute on play back. Obviously something essential is missing (deleted?}in XP?? I really don't want to go through the reloading XP route.
I hope you may have some idea what the solution may be.

  howard64 07:40 15 Jan 2009

I would visit the makers site and download the latest driver for your card. It may be one of the type that you have to uninstall the old driver - reboot and then install the new one. I suppose you have checked the sound card page and none of the volume control slides are set to mute?

  aitch2 13:11 15 Jan 2009

I had very similar problems with my Audigy soundcard. I didn't though have the problems with recording and the playback being mute.
This might help; AUDDRVPACK-L11.EXE.

It was difficult to find off the creative site, I think I had it through a link from another site as I chased around to try and solve the problem. I was running WinXP SP2 ( it was before the SP3 update)Hope it is of some help

  alistairy 15:02 15 Jan 2009

Thanks for the suggestion Howard. I downloaded the latest driver and did in fact gain the sound. I have however lost the use of Creative Media Source and therefor the ability to record. The mixer has the record sliders greyed out. I found that I could record with Adobe Audition, but very faintly with no control over volume. Uninstalling and reinstalling Mediasource produced the dreaded CTREGSVR unable to start - CDRW32 not found. Installed again with no message appearing but Mediasource/player does not work and the mixer still has the record function greyed out.
I will go back to square 1 and try your suggestion Aitch and will let you know.
Thanks guys for trying.

  alistairy 10:22 17 Jan 2009

Oh joy.
In desperation I thoroughly cleaned everything as oulined by Jim last year and reloaded (for the nth time). I'm scared to breathe too hard, but everything is working.
Thanks for the help.
Subject closed.

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