SB Audigy 1

  ulrich 18:53 01 Aug 2003

I just noticed not all my speakers were not working on doing the test I received the message sound card not detected. I have taken it out and reseated, but no joy. I,ve uninstalled the drivers, and now can't reinstall as card not found. System XP, plenty of RAM plenty of space on HD. Any ideas gratefully received.

  polar_king 19:19 01 Aug 2003

try card in different pci slot, away from graphics and modem

  ulrich 19:59 01 Aug 2003

Thanks but I have tried that.

  Ironman556 20:17 01 Aug 2003

Have you looked in device manager to see if there's anything there? If there is try removing it, restarting, and re-installing.

  ulrich 21:17 01 Aug 2003

Bit dum,don't know where it is. But DX says device missing or damaged, I am presuming it's damaged.

  Ironman556 21:48 01 Aug 2003

Go Start > Settings > Control Panel > Syetem select the device manager tab. Can't remember if it's exactly the same for XP, but it should be similar. You'll probably find that the sound card has a yellow triangle by it if it's not working properly. Right click and remove/delete the device. Reboot and Windows will do one of a few things:

1) Tell you it has found new hardware and installed drivers.

2) Tell you it has found new hardware and ask for drivers

3) Tell you nothing. If this happens then you need to run the setup for the drivers to be installed.

Have you tried downloading the new drivers from the Creative website?

  Ironman556 21:51 01 Aug 2003

Sorry, meant to say System.

you should find it in the Control Panel, it may be called somthing slightly different in XP. (Sorry to be vague too, I've not been using XP for long and I'm on my 98 machine now)

  ulrich 21:06 02 Aug 2003

I can't find a mention of it anywhere, so on Monday, hows my 3yr guarantee?

  Ironman556 23:37 02 Aug 2003

If it's still under guarentee it's best not to go poking about too much as it usually voids the warranty. If you've had no luck then let the manufacturer sort if for you.

  powerless 23:41 02 Aug 2003

Before you try a warranty thingemajibb

Creative will only tell you to look here first > click here={A2505E92-EE4E-49C5-A4DC-5066DDB447CD}

Beat them to it ;-)

  powerless 23:41 02 Aug 2003

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