Says it`s an AVI file but nothing will play it?

  bumpkin 20:46 20 Aug 2012

Hi everyone, I have taken some video clips on digital camera but cannot play them back. Click on properties shows them as AVI files or Windows Movies. Tried Nero, Media player, Real player. DIVX but they all say format not recognized.

Any help please.


  Woolwell 21:04 20 Aug 2012

Are you sure that they are avi files and not mov files? Quicktime or VLC player should play them. It might help to state which camera so that we can check file format.

  eedcam 22:12 20 Aug 2012

As said try VLC and more info. By the way AVI is not a format merely a container for numerous others that go under that

  bumpkin 22:45 20 Aug 2012

Hi again, sorry for the delay I was trying to get together more info but constant interruptions. So we have, Plug in camera and it shows as H drive

Click on it gives DCMI/100DSCIM/PICT0016 (for example could be any file)

It says on screen that this is an AVI file 1.05 mb

Click on it goes to DIVX which says unsupported format.

Right click gives me the options DIVX/Media Player/ Media Plater TM or Realplayer.

All error messages are wrong format or corrupted based.

I have four clips that will not play but on the same drive (mem card) there are twelve others that work OK

  bumpkin 22:49 20 Aug 2012

VLC, can someone give me a link please


  c4rm0 22:50 20 Aug 2012

Use a tool called Gspot (Tells you which codec you need for the video and audio). I would also try to play it in VLC media player or GOM player

  woodchip 22:55 20 Aug 2012

Have you tried double clicking the file

  Woolwell 23:24 20 Aug 2012

You still haven't told us which camera. I expect it is a MOV file.

VLC - Google would have found it.

  bumpkin 23:29 20 Aug 2012

hi all, ref VLC or GOM can anyone give me a link to download please, Woodchip, yes I did double click but I take your point it is often we overlook the obvious, well me especially. Thanks Ray

  Sea Urchin 23:39 20 Aug 2012

Woolwell has just given you the link in the post above yours

  bumpkin 18:52 21 Aug 2012

I have installed VLC, I think I crossed links with woolwells posting. VLC gives me these error messages.

File reading failure

No suitable decoder module or video format "undf"

AVI file index broken or missing.

The camera has no makers name on it, it came from china and is called "Road safety guard" Can be used in a car fixed to the windscreen not that I can see how this makes anything safer.



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