Saving Word documents

  surfer47 22:28 07 Mar 2010

When trying to save a document in Word I go to "Save As" and select the folder I want to save it but only some of the files are there. When I look in Explore at the same folder there are lots more most of them are word documents. They were produced on an older version of Word. Would this be why they son't appear when I try to "Save as". If so how do I resolve the problem if n ot help

  johnnyrocker 22:33 07 Mar 2010

there may be different extensions etc which is why only a few?


  QuizMan 22:44 07 Mar 2010

If you are using Word 2007, it uses a different file format to previous versions of Word. The new format is "docx" whereas previous versions used "doc".

If you change the format to doc in the drop down box, you should see listed those saved in the old version.

  Sea Urchin 22:48 07 Mar 2010

Maybe you are saving as a .docx file and the older files are .doc files? If so then if you click on the "Save as type" box and select Word Document(*.doc) you should see the other files.

  Sea Urchin 22:49 07 Mar 2010

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  northumbria61 23:08 07 Mar 2010

If I understand your query correctly then the advice is as follows;

If you are using different versions of Microsoft Office - ie 2003 and maybe now 2007 you will need to down the Microsoft Compatibilty Pack

Follow the instructions to install.

click here

  DieSse 23:15 07 Mar 2010

"If so how do I resolve the problem"

You don't actually have a problem.

As explained above, if you are using a newer version of Word, as standard it saves documents in a new format - docx - instead of the older doc format.

This doesn't give you any problems - your new version of Word will open the old documents as well as the new ones.

You don't need a compatibility pack - that is for older versions of Word to handle the new document type. That's not your situation.

If you wish, you can save documents in the old .doc format - just choose that type when you do a "Save as" - you'll see the chance to do that at the bottom of the window that opens when you click "Save as".

  northumbria61 12:23 08 Mar 2010

Thanks DieSse - it appears I misunderstood the problem when I was drawn to "They were produced on an older version of Word"

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