Saving Word 2007 documents in other formats

  Diodorus Siculus 16:20 18 Apr 2008

I have a MSWord 2007 document which is saved as docx format and comes to 281kb. It has 42,000 words and one image saved a number of times (to indicate the end of a section).

When I save it as Word 97-2003 compatible, it goes to 2.1 megabytes; even worse, saving it as RTF makes it 20MB.

Any idea what's going on and what I can do about it? Sending a 2mb document is the limit; I certainly don't want to send it as 20mb.

Many people don't have Word 2007 and are not willing to install the converter which is why I thought that RTF would be best.

Thanks for any ideas,


  Diodorus Siculus 00:14 19 Apr 2008

Bump :)

  brundle 00:22 19 Apr 2008

docx - "a combination of XML architecture and ZIP compression"; click here

Convert it and zip the resulting file

  brundle 00:23 19 Apr 2008

I'm not suggesting you use the software at the link above, it was just for the source of the quote

  DieSse 00:37 19 Apr 2008


Free Primo PDF writer click here

  DieSse 00:38 19 Apr 2008

PDF also avoids any layout and font issues due to differing setups of Word in different systems.

  Diodorus Siculus 08:10 19 Apr 2008

Thanks for those suggestions.

I know I can zip it but the issue is that I need to send it to someone who just wants to read, change, edit as necessary and send back.

For the same reason, PDF isn't an option in this case; Office 2007 has pdf creation facility built in (with the addition of a small downloaded plugin).

I'm just wondering why the file size increases so much...

  Simsy 15:03 19 Apr 2008

it's not that changing it to Word 97-03 increases the size,... it's that saving it as Word 2007 DECREASES the size because of the inherent "zip" qualities of the .docx format.

You will probably find that if you save it as the older format and then "zip" it it will come down to a "similar" size as the .docx version.

I suspect that "zipping" the .docx will not result in a much smaller file.

(It's a similar situation with OpenOffice documents; They are inherently quite small, and don't zip much smaller.)

I'm not certain, but I suspect that when saving as .rtf it's including each copy of the image. When saving as .doc it only saves the image once and repeats it as neccessary.

I think your best option is to save it as a .doc and then zip that file. Everybody should be able to open the .zip file.

Good luck,



  Diodorus Siculus 20:19 19 Apr 2008

Thanks Simsy; that seems to make sense :) Just wondered about the 20mb version as RTF.

Anyway, I've sent it as 2mb file and will hope for the best.

Saying that everybody should be able to open the .zip file fails to do justice to some of those who should get this file :) It's enough that they can save an attachment.

Thanks for all the suggestions.

Cheers, Dio

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