Saving Windows XP Service Pack 3

  SallyC 14:27 17 May 2010

Can anyone tell me how to save Windows Service Pack 3 - I have spent all morning trying to save rather than download but not getting anywhere. Every time I click the link it starts to download automatically.

  onthelimit 14:39 17 May 2010

I just tried, and it will save from click here

  wee eddie 15:01 17 May 2010

Why do you wish to do this?

SP3 is unlikely to cause you any problems and you are putting your security at risk by going on-line without it.

  Proclaimer 23:04 17 May 2010

on a CD if you want to have it on disc.

  gengiscant 08:12 18 May 2010

I can send you a copy on CD if you want, just get in touch through the yellow envelope.

  johndrew 10:37 19 May 2010

The MS download is available from click here. Is this the link you were using?

If you click on "Download" it will take you to a further page which tells you the download is for multi PC users - this is not a problem. If the download doesn`t start automatically (it often doesn`t) click on "Start Download" (4th line down LH side). A window should open asking if you want to run or save - select "Save" and provide a location on your PC if you haven`t done so already.

The download is big - 316MB or thereabouts - and will take some time so be patient.

  Taff™ 11:51 19 May 2010

click here will link to the official MS download of an ISO image of their SP3 disk. I have used this several times on other XP computers to upgrade them without any problems.

  SallyC 13:18 19 May 2010

Sorry for the silence - I've been working. The reason why I wanted to save the SP3 files is because it would not load automatically from updates - kept stopping half way through & giving an error message. Reading previous posts re SP3 the advice was to save the files on desktop, shut everything down, disable firewalls & anti-virus & anti spyware - Comodo, AVG & Superantispyware in my case - & then load SP3.
So thanks for the links & when I get over working nights I will try it again.

  wee eddie 13:45 19 May 2010

I hate to admit this, and I'm sure that all those "Experts" out there will think the less of me for it, but I let "Automatic Updates do the work. I've not yet had a problem, since '96 anyway.

It appears to be able to accept that a particular file may not be downloaded in a single session and does not need to restart the file, at its beginning, every time you log-out without completing the download.

  SallyC 18:13 19 May 2010

Hi wee eddie
I also let automatic updates do the work but SP3 hasn't loaded properly through that route for more than a year, that's why I'm looking for an alternative post reinstallation of my operating system.

  wee eddie 18:21 19 May 2010

Taff™'s suggestion of downloading the 'iso' file and writing it to disk before reloading it to your PC should do the trick.

It will also give you a Hard Copy, that you can keep and use again & again.

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