saving windows updates

  pppc 21:56 29 May 2004

I reformat my C drive and reinstall Windows (98SE) every few months. Each time one of the first jobs is to download and install all the Critical Updates.

Is there any way I can save the updates on a CD and apply them without having to go online?? I am especially worried as support for W98 is coming to an end - will the Updates remain available??

  christmascracker 21:59 29 May 2004
  Doogie Howser 22:08 29 May 2004

Go to the windows update page and on the left hand side click on the 'personalise windows update', the. tick the box to display the windows update catalogue. When you refresh the page you will notice a new choice in the left hand pane - 'windows update catalogue'. It's fairly intuitive from there on and you can download the updates to a directory of your choice.

  pppc 22:17 29 May 2004

christmascracker and Doogie Howser. Mny thanx to both of you - what kept you?!?!?!

I too thought I'd seen it in a mag but had no record of it now. And I was surprised I was unable to turm up an earelier reference in this forum.

Anyway, I'll give it a go in the morning and I hope I can tick it up aS RESOLVED. Masny thanks again


  powerless 22:21 29 May 2004

Ummm the xmascracker link was about 15 posts down from yours... ;-))

p.s. get the CD

  pppc 19:26 30 May 2004

Doogie Howser

I downloaded the updates I want: I've re-installed Windows: now how do I get at my collection of dowloaded updates???

Presumable I'm a bit thick but I've not yet seen the answer!!!


  powerless 19:28 30 May 2004

Where did you save the updates?

  pppc 21:37 30 May 2004

In a directory, W-Updates, on my D drive

  powerless 21:38 30 May 2004


Well you should be able to see D in my computer?

Was Windows Installed to C or D?

  pppc 21:41 30 May 2004

Windows is on the C drive. I can see the Updates directory - how do I use the updaTES?

  powerless 21:45 30 May 2004

Oh just checking...

Well the fun continues, you'll have to click through each folder to install the updates. Lots of folders...

You'll have to install one at one time.

OR look at this: click here

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