Saving Windows Live Mail messages to hard disk

  Grandad99 21:28 17 May 2014

Just upgraded from XP to Windows 7 (not brave enough for Windows 8) so now have WLM.

I have some old Outlook Express messages in a folder on the hard drive and can open and forward them with WLM.

However I can't see how to save new WLM messages to the hard drive folder as all the options are for files within WLM. Is there a way to do this?

  lotvic 23:27 17 May 2014

Was my suggestion on your Thread in Windows7help ClickHere yesterday of no use?

  Grandad99 00:38 18 May 2014

Sorry Lotvic - when I went on line this evening and clicked My Posts that query didn't show so I assumed that it had somehow not registered.

  Grandad99 00:46 18 May 2014

Checking again I see that My Posts is in 2 parts with threads that I started in the second - didn't realise this.

I would have thought that logically the threads I start are more important to me and should be in the first part. No problem though - something else I have learned.

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