Saving Windows Critical Updates to Disc

  conburt 15:45 20 Oct 2003

I have recently had to do a recovery on my 1 year old computer operating with XP Home. It took over 6 hours to download all the windows critical updates from the MS website to get back where I was before the recovery. Is there any way I can save these periodically to disc to save going through this ordeal again. The same applies to Norton Antivirus.

  alcudia 16:07 20 Oct 2003

Go to MS web site and choose Windows Update.
Click on Personalize and click the option to display the link to WU catalog and save settings.

Click on Find Updates and choose your OS. Click on Search and a list of available updates will appear. Choose the ones you want to download. Specify a folder on your hard drive and down they will come.

  GroupFC 16:09 20 Oct 2003

Not sure about NAV but for window updates have a look through this thread click here (especially the link to powerless's pictorial guide!).

  alcudia 16:24 20 Oct 2003

Just noticed on the MS site. If you have SP1 you can now download all updates since this in one 9mb file. Saves a lot of work.

  conburt 16:46 20 Oct 2003

Thanks, but my problem is that now I've spent over 6 hours downloading the updates I need to store them preferably onto a CD. I can view them but cant copy them. I dont particlarly want to download them again.

  GroupFC 17:05 20 Oct 2003

but I don't think that once they have been d/loaded
and installed thta there is any way to get them onto CD.

I am sure that this is not what you want to hear and of course, I may be wrong (I'll leave it to the real gurus to advise further!)!!

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