Saving Win 7 Updates for reload

  Naseby 2 09:56 14 Jul 2014

Is it possible to save Win 7 updates (100's) and put them back on a reload? Thanks Naesby.

  alanrwood 11:01 14 Jul 2014

It is not advisable as even if you save all the updates they need to be installed in a particular order and that is not published by MS as far as I know. Also any hardware changes could require different updates.

  xania 11:19 14 Jul 2014

I agree with alanrwood. Quite apart from anything else, MS do tend to learn from errors, so may well update updates (if you see what I mean) and others are overtaken by events. It does take some time to complete the updates process, and quite a few reboots as well, but IMHO the effort is well worth it.

  Jollyjohn 11:43 14 Jul 2014

Once I have completed most of the updates after a clean re install, I take a system image, so I can get back to this point quickly.

  xania 13:18 14 Jul 2014

I wait until all my software is installed and any updates for these are downloaded.

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