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Saving webpage - 'Save Page As'

  algernonymous 21:53 21 Jan 2018

When you use 'Save Page As', Webpage Complete, does it take a snapshot of the page at that time and keep it that way or is it effectively just noting the page address and will show any changes made to that page on future visits?

  lotvic 23:36 21 Jan 2018

I found 'save page as' creates a folder on harddrive with all the elements of the page (as at the time you save it) and a browser icon to click on, and that opens the browser and puts the elements back together and displays it. It does not update the contents as it is displaying what you saved on harddrive.

Lately I've found it easier to use the Print, print preview, and print to pdf and then I can choose which pages I want. This means that in effect it 'snapshots' the pages as opposed to a folder with separate elements.

  algernonymous 09:35 23 Jan 2018

OK thanks. What I'm trying to achieve is to save one of my websites completely (just for historical purposes) before making wholesale changes. Ideally I'd like the 'inter-page' links to work but I see they link to the current page and I assume won't work if I remove that page

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