Saving webcam movies

  Cooter 22:32 04 Nov 2003

hi, i have been using a logitech webcam with incredibly long extension leads to film short clips of family parties etc around the house and garden. i realise that this isnt the best equipment to use to get quaility pictures but now it is done i am wondering how and wot i am going to be able to save and store these clips on. i assume it will have to be a disk, but a cd or dvd i dont know. wot and how can i make back up copies? i think i must have about 40 minutes worth of short clips in my logitech studio by now, any ideas? cheers guys

  Cooter 22:34 04 Nov 2003

by the way i notice if i send a clip by email to anyone or myself it gets compressed. is this a clue!!?

  A_World_Maker 22:44 04 Nov 2003

If you have a CD-Writer, why not simply burn them onto a disc? You could try using Windows Movie maker that comes free with Windows XP, but its limited in functions, to make up a whole movie from your clips?

  Cooter 22:50 04 Nov 2003

thanx "a world maker". yes i think i have just figured it out. i went to file on the logitech program and was given the option to save, so i did,in "my videos". when i click on it while in here it plays it in windows media, so i assume i can burn them to normal cd from there? now if i had a dvd writer!!

  anchor 09:05 05 Nov 2003


The original webcam movie you made is probably an avi file. Unless this is compressed, the size of the attachment in an e-mail would be enormous. Hence, the Logitech software automatically compresses it when you specify to send it by e-mail.

Yes, a DVD burner would be nice, but I estimate that 40 minutes of avi video should take no more than a maximum of 400Mb of space. So, a CD-R should be sufficient for you to burn them for posterity.

  Stuartli 09:22 05 Nov 2003

My Creative webcam came with software to store snapshots and video sequences in a folder tagged My Album.

These could easily be burned to a CD-R as required over time if you use the disk in multisession form.

  Cooter 12:27 05 Nov 2003

cheers chaps, problem solved thanx to you lot!

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