saving updates to games before format

  [DELETED] 16:38 20 Jan 2006

Im looking at formatting my pc and setting it back to factory setting as the pc is running like a slug done all the usual things like check for spyware viruses and bandwith hogging programs, cleaned up the start up but its still running like time stood still i guess i have collected alot of rubbish over the last ? is i play a couple of online games day of defeat and call of duty. where would all the updates be kept and can i save the folders to cd then after fomat place them back on pc in the correct folders from where they came will they run or do i have to go through the whole prosses as i would with windows update.another ? where can i get the RPC patch from to stop pc shutting down after format when i connect to internet and get the nasty little bug that does this RPC termination thing. please

  [DELETED] 18:16 20 Jan 2006

If your pc is up XP SP2 as factory fresh then this click here is the answer to XP security patches.

It contains all the service and security patches from basic SP2 to Dec 2005 plus a number of other useful programs and add ons.

If your rig is pre SP2 then you need to make sure you have SP2 installed, then run the AutoPatcher program before you connect to the web and you will be secure.

As for Call of Duty the easiest way is to download all the patches and burn them to cd before reformatting.......the patches change a number of files in the program folder of the game so it is difficult to just save the modified files.Far better to have the original patch installers.

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