Saving Threads for later referral

  Sapins 08:55 27 Jun 2003

I have been saving threads to refer to later. I just click on File/Save As and save them into My Documents. I thought I would have a tidy up and create a folder for these threads. I find that there is a folder with the name I have given a thread and also an Internet Explorer file document with exactly the same name. Do I need to keep the folders as well as the files and should I put each file on it?s own folder before I move it to a ?Master? folder? Have I been saving these threads correctly in the first place?

  Sapins 09:03 27 Jun 2003

Guess I won't use an apostrophe or inverted commas again! and each file should go IN its own folder.

  Sir Radfordin 09:05 27 Jun 2003

When you save the page IE will save the html page and create a folder that it will put any files that the HTLM references - normally these will be pictures.

Under XP (don't know about anything else as I never did it!) If you delete one it will delete the other.

If you only want the text then you would normally be safe to delete the folder but not the html page.

  Sapins 09:12 27 Jun 2003

Sir Radfordin,thanks for that extremely rapid response, you have solved the problem for me, I only want to save the text now I know what to do.

  Andybear 09:28 27 Jun 2003

If I want to save a thread I simply copy and paste it into a Word document. That works fine. I've set up a folder under Word called PCA Threads and save them in there.

  Wak 10:23 27 Jun 2003

Hi Sapins, I don't know if this will help but when I do a "Save as", in the Save as type box, the first item is "complete.htm" which saves both the file and a folder whereas the second item is "single file.mht" which only saves the file itself.

  Sapins 13:02 27 Jun 2003

Andybear and Wak, thanks for your input, your advice is appreciated and will add to my knowledge on this particular question.As always this forum has come up trumps again.

  Pesala 15:11 27 Jun 2003

This has the added avantage that any later additions to a thread will be shown. Although, of course, you need to be online to access the thread again.

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