Saving set of files to Cds

  Breeze1 22:33 07 Sep 2006

I am sure this is an easy thing to do from Windows. I am trying to save 800-odd files to CD. When I send them to D: it rightly says that the selected files are > 700Mb and I must delete some in order to fit on the CD. Do I have to manually split them up into 700Mb blocks before saving which could take ages or is there a nice easy way of doing it in XP? i.e. XP burning a CD-full then asking to load the next blank CD etc...

Many thanks!

  lisa02 22:40 07 Sep 2006

if you have nero - use back it up

  Breeze1 22:47 07 Sep 2006

I don't have Nero. I could buy it I guess but can't XP do this?

  terryf 23:48 07 Sep 2006

have you tried zipping them first?

  Eastender 00:38 08 Sep 2006

Have a look at Back4Win click here I haven't tried it myself but it is free and says it spans disks, might be worth a try.

  blackpat 06:54 08 Sep 2006

I use Roxio and when the CD is full, they just say to insert another CD to continue,
Blackpat 09:13 08 Sep 2006

In Explorer - click the first file you wish to save then, while holding down the Shift key , select the last file. This will highlight all the files. If you then right click your selection and click properties, this will give you a reading of the total size of all files selected.

This will require trial and error but you can quickly narrow down the range of files to save on one CD

  cowboy62 12:39 08 Sep 2006

could always buy a bigger coptivity cd or back up to a dvd

  terryf 13:23 08 Sep 2006

What is a coptivity cd please

  Breeze1 22:57 08 Sep 2006

I tried that Back4Win app but it wasn't quite what I needed. Zip'ing it wasn't an option as the total size of the files is 4.3Gb and I don't have a DVD burner.

In the end I split the files into c/700Mb blocks and burned them to 7 CDs. Only took about 15mins to split them in the end.

Thanks for all your help!

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