saving problems in win me

  holly polly 15:52 31 Jul 2003

hi ,using win me ,i was doing my online banking the other day ,and as usual i save my statements to my comp ,the problem i get is ,i can only save downloaded programs as a winamp file or all files -these are the only options open to me ,i uninstalled winamp ,to see if the problem would be resolved to no avail,i download the statement then end up having to right click open with and then selecting the relavent program and then ticking the box {a very long winded affair }-how do i restore the save as -all options please?-as usual all answers greatfully recieved ,cheers-hol pol...

  Mango Grummit 18:21 31 Jul 2003

Easiest way is to delete all relevant files. Download them again and this time do not get winamp involved. There are many more long-winded solutions but this one is the quickest.

IMPORTANT NOTE: in between deleting and D/L'ing clean your registry with jv16 or similar.

  Mango Grummit 18:24 31 Jul 2003

These online banking things are not in any event always too easy to get on with btw. Particularly NatWest.

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