saving photoes/audio

  gudda96 09:07 20 Nov 2003


I recently “lost all my photos” that I keep on a cd-r and it is not the first time either. I retrieved them because someone recommended a proggie called Isobuster, and it does work.

What I had to do was insert cd in drive, open Isobuster and extract files, and in this case, I saved them to my docs. I don’t know if they remain on disk but at least I have them in my docs. In the meantime, If I open my computer/D drive/it shows a large mb content but photos are not visible.

Next step was to save them to a new cd using Roxio Easy Cd Creator and I went through usual process but once again, not visible on cd. Maybe coincidence, but having trouble copying an original cd although I have done it dozens of times.

Would welcome advice.

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