Saving Maps Directions in Bing Maps

  tonyq 14:15 13 Dec 2014

Please can anyone explain how to save maps/directions using Bing Maps (simple terms please). I have signed in using my Microsoft account,clicked on "My Places" and saved,or so I thought. Upon opening Bing Maps again The Title of the saved map appears but says not saved or words to the effect,seems to go round in circles. There must be an easy way to do this,or so I thought!. I have searched the web for a solution only to read what I have been doing.

  rdave13 17:16 13 Dec 2014

Have a look here. Looks a bit of a job, pity they couldn't make it simpler.

  rdave13 17:24 13 Dec 2014

Trying it out on the win 8.1 app I could pin my home town. That brings up a list of icons, one of which is to save to favourites. I can retrieve that from the favourites icon after clicking on the floppy disk save icon. I haven't tried a route save.

  rdave13 17:31 13 Dec 2014

It worked with a route also. I created the route then added to favourites (gave it's own nickname) then saved. On reopening the app, right clicking and selecting favourites the route and 'home' are there. There is a print icon available also.

  tonyq 18:10 13 Dec 2014

rdave13, that is one of the sites I got info as to what to do. Can I just say that I am using Windows 7 on PC.

I save the map to MY Places,then when I open My Places again I get the the map that was saved eg "Jimmys to Huddersfield",then when I click on Jimmys to Huddersfield I get the following message in the My Places box.

click here

  rdave13 18:22 13 Dec 2014

Ah Windows 7. I run Win 8 and has favourites instead of 'my places. I'm sorry, ditched 7 a while ago. Hopefully others can help you here.

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