saving jpegs to cdr (large amount)

  nobbyhigo 20:20 29 Jul 2003

i have about 2000 mb of photos as jpegs to save i would like to burn them on to one cd is there a way, and could you tell me how to do it i am running win 98se and using roxio creator there is Winzip on my system but i havnt a clue ho to run it regards NOBBY

  soy 20:29 29 Jul 2003

I don't think you will be able to burn all 2000MB of data onto 1 CD even with high compression.

The best way would be to use winzip to compress all the files to limit the number of disks you will need.

  graham√ 20:30 29 Jul 2003

As someone recently pointed out to me, jpegs are already compressed so you can't Zip them any more.

  Bris 21:22 29 Jul 2003

The 2gb that you mention is the amount of space taken up AT THE JPEG COMPRESSION SETTING that the images were created at. If they were already created at the highest JPEG compression rate then you wont be able to compress them further, if not they can be compressed further by using a higher JPEG compression rate (as for emailing etc) but you will lose quality so best not to overwrite the originals. I assume there are a lot of images so the biggest problem will be to find a method of batch handling them otherwise you will have to do each one individually using a routine such as Adobe Photoshop. WINZIP is not an image compressor as such and therefore you will get little benefit from using it. I wouldnt try. Try loading one of the images into a photo manipulation program and saving it as a JPEG file at the highest compression and with a different name then compare the file size with the original this will indicate the percentage gain. By far the easiest route would be to save them to 3 CDs. Hope this helps

  hssutton 21:33 29 Jul 2003

If you start compressing them you lose quality. I would suggest as Bris says and use 3 CDs, or you could do the same as I did and buy a DVD writer. You can put a lot of photo's on 4.7Gb. you can also lose a lot if the disk goes faulty

  nobbyhigo 00:21 30 Jul 2003

many thanks chaps helped explain a lot ill do as you suggested

  Pesala 00:23 30 Jul 2003

Using Irfan View click here you can compress the whole lot in one operation using the batch file routines.

It is quite possible that you could get perfectly acceptable quality by reducing the quality setting in Irfan View to as low as 20%. It depends on the originals. If they are good quality photos from a digital camera, the chances are that they will compress a lot more without too much loss of quality.

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