Saving the file in use to more than one location

  philbert street 19:27 09 Feb 2004

This is probably a trivial question - But! Is there a method , or add in, that I can use so that I can save a Word file in use simultaneously to My Documents and to a file on my memory stick .... and to a file on my removable hard drive. I keep getting my files out of sync and using an old one! I just want to be able to log off and in one move update all versions of the file on which I am working.


  Marky_Bhoy 19:50 09 Feb 2004

Using a bat file can be a useful tool to keep your files in sync.

I do know how to save to multiple locations in a simple way i.e. within the 'Save As'.

However I recently discovered a way of updating a particular folder with the use of a bat file.

I have not used it myself but I do know that it works.

Below I have pasted the exact text file that we use at work. You will have to tweak it to match the file locations on your computer.

Good Luck!

REM This litle file copys selected contents of IT Lib
REM It cteates a Dir "IT_Lib" on your pen and mirrors
REM the sub dir's of IT Lib
REM Copy to the root of your pen, take the .txt extension off
REM and double click. (NB first time takes a while)
REM Keeps your Copy of IT Lib upto date
REM Enjoj > DHynds

net use z: /d
net use z: \\Fs4\it lib\"

xcopy Z:"\2003\IT Lib\CSN" f:"\IT_Lib\CSN\"*.* /e /d
xcopy Z:"\2003\IT Lib\Databases" f:"\IT_Lib\Databases\"*.* /e /d
xcopy Z:"\2003\IT Lib\Information Management" f:"\IT_Lib\Information Management\"*.* /e /d
xcopy Z:"\2003\IT Lib\Professional Skills" f:"\IT_Lib\Professional Skills\"*.* /e /d
xcopy Z:"\2003\IT Lib\Programming" f:"\IT_Lib\Programming\"*.* /e /d

REM below is a template for any future directories in IT Lib: copy paste change
REM xcopy Z:"\2003\IT Lib\CSN" f:"\IT_Lib\CSN\"*.* /e /d

@echo Mirror Successful

  Marky_Bhoy 21:52 09 Feb 2004

Each time REM is mentioned - this should be on a new line.

and I think it may be called a batch file instead of a bat file.

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