saving an enlarged image

  Ikelos 10:27 18 Sep 2012

Hi all. not sure how to word this, often when a website has images, you get the image up, and most times if you left click the image enlarges, in fact the mouse pointer changes to a small cross, is there any way to save the larger image.................thank you

  Diemmess 11:04 18 Sep 2012

"any way to save the larger image."

Probably not to save as an enlarged file. You can enlarge on screen by holding down Control while using the wheel on your mouse.

The data is fixed as so many bytes and if you use the copy and paste routine into either Word (if it is Text) or a good image editing program, you can resample or whatever term your software uses and save that.

The result, particularly if starting with a small picture will usually be disappointing. The number of pixels in the original are fixed and a good crop of jaggies is your reward.

  Ikelos 11:20 18 Sep 2012

Diemmess. thanks for that, but it seems the image is already bigger, by just left clicking it. it goes to twice the size. and the bigger image is as sharp as the smaller image...............

  Diemmess 11:38 18 Sep 2012

I was being over simplistic. I assumed you had a small image from a website and wanted to save the pic as an enlargement of the original. Also you were dealing with pictures rather than text.

Another assumption is that you are starting with a "web-ready" pic which in the interests of good web presentation is no larger than needed to display on screen.

I would use a picture capture program, have the pic in the PC clipboard and then using my picture editing facility, open it as a new file from clipboard.

The you can tinker with it and save it as a jpg or whatever.

  Ikelos 12:12 18 Sep 2012

Thanks again, just downloded "PicPick" I will give that a try. thanks

  Ikelos 13:26 18 Sep 2012

just as a final point, screen capture does not realy work, as in "picpick" because it only captures the screen as you see it, and if the image is bigger than the screen, then of course you do not get it all. oh well, back to the drawing board..

  Woolwell 13:29 18 Sep 2012

Have you tried right clicking on the image?

  lotvic 14:42 18 Sep 2012

In Firefox, (as Woolwell says) rightclick on the image, 'view image info'

this opens up the 'page info' at the 'Media' tab. then you have a list to choose from of each pic and a preview and the option to 'Save'

  Woolwell 15:41 18 Sep 2012

Right click save image/picture as is available with most if not all browsers.

  Diemmess 15:42 18 Sep 2012

Thanks for the tip. I didn't know it.

However the problem of enlargement remains, though putting it on the clipboard is a doddle now.

  Ikelos 16:03 18 Sep 2012

perhaps I wrote it all wrong, get the image up from a website, the mouse icon becomes a small magnifying glass,either a minus sign, or a plus sign, left click on either and the image, when clicking the plus sign makes the image alot bigger, as clicking the magnifying icon with the minus sign makes it smaller, so with each left click the image jumps from small to large and back. and I wondered if I could save the larger image.

thanks all

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