Saving emails & attachments to computer

  tamsin 12:27 01 Aug 2008

I am using WIN XP SP2 & OE 6.0
Please can anyone tell me how I can save emails to my computer and include the attachments, preferably by copying the folder rather than individual emails.
Info would be much appreciated.

  DieSse 12:29 01 Aug 2008

If you're using Outlook Express, the emails in it are already saved in your computer, including the attachments. In an OE folder.

  brundle 12:38 01 Aug 2008

Mailstore makes things like that simple; click here

  brundle 16:35 01 Aug 2008

Hi, yes that's a very handy freebie. There are plenty of other email backup solutions around but none that make things so simple and handle so many different clients, well not free at any rate.

  DieSse 20:54 01 Aug 2008

If you're just looking for backing up your emails, for security (that's a good thing to be looking at) - then you simply include them in whatever backup program you are using.

You should be backing up ALL your data on a regular basis, not just emails, of course.

  tamsin 15:35 03 Aug 2008

Thank you Brundle I have downloaded this program and I shall enjoy the peace of mind as I have a lot of geneology files on my emails. Great suggestion.

I do regular backups but it is better to have a copy of things separately I think.

  tamsin 17:13 18 Aug 2008

HI Brundle - I have been away - I loaded Mailstore but it informed me that it only works with Vista. I am still with XP, so I shall look further. Thanks

  Sea Urchin 17:59 18 Aug 2008

No it works with XP as well - check out brundle's link on Fri 1/8 at 12.38

  brundle 19:53 18 Aug 2008

Glad people are finding the suggestion useful.

Tamsin; As Sea Urchin said, it works with XP - `it informed you` when - during installation?

MailStore Home
Version: 2.6 | Changelog
License: Freeware
Windows: 2000/XP/2003/Vista

  sajeev 22:59 24 Sep 2008

Excellent program and works quickly and without any fancy computing.

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