alt 07:58 20 May 2003

I am running XP home and using outlook 2002 fro the microsoft office suite (not outlook express) I want to be able to save all my e-mails, as I get hundreds, to a CD. How can I do this in the quickest way. I know that I can copy and paste to a word document and then save, but as I said I get hundred of e-mails a week and this is obviously too slow. , . Also, every now and again a window pops up telling me that outlook is saving my files, does this mean that all my e-mails are being stored somewhere on my computer and that even when I delete e-mails afterwards there is someway that I can access this file with all my old e-mails?...Thanks in advance

  Valvegrid 08:13 20 May 2003

Go to file, then Import/Export you can save the whole folder as a pst file.


  alt 08:29 20 May 2003

Hi Valve, I cant seem to do it, would you mind explaining step by step for me, so sorry to be a nuisence.....

  Valvegrid 10:55 20 May 2003

Your not a nuisence at all.

Open Outlook.

Top left hand corner, click on File.

A dropdown menu will appear.

Click on Import/Export.

A Wizard window will open.

In the window that says 'Choose an action to perform' select Export to a file and click next.

Another window opens asking 'Create a file of type:'Go down the list till you get to 'Personal Folder File (.pst)' and highlight it, then click on next.

Yet another window will open presenting you with all the folders in Outlook. Highlight the folder you want to save, this can be an individual folder or the whole mailbox if you want. Click next.

This is the last window, this one lets you choose where you want to save the file, use the Browse button to tell the machine where you want it saved. click on finish, and thats it.

If you want your files back, just do the reverse, but this time Import instead.

Experiment on a folder first just to get the hang of it.

I'm doing this all the time at work here because IT are always moaning about the size of my mailbox :-)


  anchor 14:15 20 May 2003

Just remember, that the pst file that you copy to a CD with be "read only".

To restore this file to your Outlook programme, you should copy it to a spare folder on your hard disc first. Then change the read only attribute, by right clicking on the file, select properties, and removing the tick from read only.

Also, when you restore this file, you will lose any subsequent messages sent/received, (whatever you chose), since you did the backup.

I did all this recently when a replacement hard disc was installed.

  anchor 15:26 20 May 2003

If there is a way not to lose your latest messages, I am sure Valvegrid can advise you. It seems he is doing this on a regular basis.

  alt 17:32 20 May 2003

Hi Vavlegrid & Anchor, I have now saved the folder to My documents, when I go to My documents it is there OK. But when I go to open it, word opens and then a window pops up with "restore trhe network connection or replace the floppy" ?....

  Valvegrid 17:34 20 May 2003

In my case I tend to save individual folders, so I don’t really encounter that problem, but I think that may be taken care of in the Wizard were there are some tick boxes.
Trouble is I’m at home now and I use OE here.

If someone is using Outlook possibly they can check the Wizard to see what it say’s.


  Valvegrid 17:37 20 May 2003

Sorry, I didn't know you were on line. Has it saved it as a .pst file? If it has you will have to use the Wizard again to Import back to Outlook so you can view the folder or folders.


  DieSse 17:43 20 May 2003

Personally I find it easier to just copy the .pst file off to somewhere else on the HDD, or to a CD. This saves a complete picture of Outlook, including settings, emails, contacts. etc etc.

Just do a search on your HDD for *.pst - this will show you all the pst files (you may have an archive.pst, for instance) - then copy all the files to a CD.

To read them later on, you can't just click on a pst file to open it - you have to use File-Open in Outlook - and remember anchors warning, you will have to copy it back to your system and cancel the Read Only attribute befor you can open it.

  alt 19:42 20 May 2003

sorry guys no matter what I do I can't open any of the *.pst files, I have tried to everything you have said but I just can't do it. Never mind, I wont waste any more of your time as it is obviously me. I thought that it would be as easy as saving word files but I am obviously wrong!! :-(

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