Saving e-mails

  rainbow79 20:23 22 Oct 2004

Is there any way to quickly and easily save lots of e-mails (in IncrediMail) onto a CD? I don't mean to transfer to another computer but so I can access them straight from the CD.

  Bapou 23:29 22 Oct 2004

Don't know about Incredimail, I use Outlook Express. E-mails I prefer to keep are saved to a folder in My Documents, via Save As from the File menu. These are backed up to CD on a regular basis with Nero just as any other other folder is. It's purely a safety measure but reading the saved mail direct from the CD is no problem.

  rainbow79 23:42 22 Oct 2004

One at a time?

  150,010th 01:53 23 Oct 2004

I don't have Incredimail, but I imagine the saving procedure is the same as for Outlook/Outlook Express mails.

Try this: First create a folder, on your desktop say, that you want to transfer the emails to.

In Outlook Express, open the folder that contains the mails you want to save. Go to Edit > Select All (or Ctrl and click individual mails to select random ones).

Make sure OE is in restore mode (i.e. not maximised). Now simply drag and drop the mails into the designated folder in one fell swoop - this way you can save multiple mails.

Hope this works for you.

  rainbow79 04:01 23 Oct 2004

Thank you very much for your message. This works great in Outlook Express but wont work for me with IncrediMail. I thought about transferring the e-mails to Outlook Express but there doesn't seem to be an option for exporting messages out of IncrediMail. Is there a way round this?

  Bapou 11:56 23 Oct 2004

"One at a time?"

Yes. When saved to my E-mail folder each one appears as an envelope. A double click and the envelope opens.

No disrespect, I once tried Incredimail and it soon became a damned nuisance.Forever pestering to become the default, then one or two contacts got a bit fed up waiting for an e-mail to download. Some people don't appreciate the time it takes to download a few gifs, especially on dial up.

Incredimail was soon removed, not without a struggle either it left it's bits and pieces all over the place in the Registry.

  150,010th 12:01 23 Oct 2004

Sorry, rainbow79 - completely on the wrong track there, not realising that Incredimail doesn't actually use Outlook Express.

Take a look at this link for Incrediconvert - sounds as if it could be just what you're after. click here

  rainbow79 10:26 09 Dec 2004

150,010th - IncrediConvert was just the ticket. Thank you ever so much.

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