Saving downloaded software

  mikenovak 10:23 16 Feb 2007

I have just inherited a pc from my son as mine decided to develop a serious tendency to keep crashing. In inheriting this pc, I have had to clear off 85 (yes 85!) spy and adware programs and 72 viruses!!!. Unfortunately, there are still issues with this pc and I want to now wipe it clean with a complete re-install of Windows XP. This pc was built by a friend of my son's and contains software that his friend downloaded onto it and is now quite rare to find (Cool Edit Pro 2.0), as well as other bits and pieces. Is there a way that I can backup these software packages to CD to then re-load them onto the new Windows XP home installation? or will they be gone forever and I have to buy new packages..?

Would appreciate any help?



  yaesu 11:12 16 Feb 2007

Hi, were the downloaded "packages" saved somewhere or installed then the download deleted? I usually save mine into a download folder which I can save to cd for later use as you now require. Regards, yaesu

  Diemmess 11:45 16 Feb 2007

yaesu has outlined your problem.

Make a list of the programmes you want and then item by item use Search for any mention.
Sometimes there will be different names for the product and the company e.g Nero with Ahead.

Ignore shortcuts which are only signposts, but may help you trace a path back to the folder.
Hopefully you will find some Setup files or perhaps a self executing file which launches that application.

It will be a slow process and only a few viable files will be found. Wise after the event is no comfort, but if it is important save the download before installing.

Do scan any 'rescued' files before you try them out!

  Diemmess 12:18 16 Feb 2007

Will this do? click here

  mikenovak 13:06 16 Feb 2007


Thanks to all who have replied so far - much appreciated.

Unfortunately, this software was originally downloaded (or loaded from CD) onto the PC by the guy who built it. He has now moved away and left this PC with lots of different packages on there that my son still requires.

I was just looking to save the software to re-load it onto the PC after I do a clean install of Windows XP home. I shall try backing up the main files that I can see and hope that I can then re-load them afterwards.

I had found that link to the software, but am not prepared to pay $249.00 for it! - Thanks anyway.

Once again, thanks for the advice.



  Diemmess 13:22 16 Feb 2007

Sorry about that link, should have read it through.
It does say click for "free download", but I assume that is merely to download and requires payment to run?

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