saving digital photos en masse

  Kegsy 21:44 04 Nov 2003

when I download my digital photos to my PC I use the "save as" to save each one individually. It would save a lot of time if they could all be saved in one go to a particular folder.
Is there any way of doing this?

  Diodorus Siculus 21:50 04 Nov 2003

How do you download them now? It might be possible to use windows explorer to view all the photos on the camera and then select all and copy them to the required folder. Your camera may appear as a removable disk drive in "my computer" which can be explored like any other.

  Cessna 21:50 04 Nov 2003

depends on which camera/ editing package you are using. but it would be easier if you highlight one of the thumbnails and then using Ctrl A to select them all then save to a new folder. not all software can do this though, however Fujipix does, and i think most allow it.

  woodchip 21:59 04 Nov 2003

My camera as a removable drive Icon, so I start camera click on the folder so i can see all the Photo Files, Then Click on top file hold shift key down and click on bottom file to select all the files I then just right click on the selection and drag to folder, choose copy and watch the camera light to see when it stops flashing

  Kegsy 22:09 04 Nov 2003

Okay thanks I'll try some of those, probly tomorrow night

  Dan 00:14 05 Nov 2003

Canon's ZoomBrowser Program will let you specify how many images and where to put them (en masse), it's a little slow but it does the job.

  imarcus2 00:53 05 Nov 2003

I have found that using a card reader is the easiest transfer system, and when connected via USB2, it will select and download to a 'selected folder', 128MB worth of images in about 20 secs.

Have an icon/shortcut on the desktop, which is the card reader 'drive', and when the Compactflash card is inserted, it will come up with the IE6 page of thumbnails. Go into edit / select all, and all the thumbnails are highlighted. Also on the desktop, I have the target folder as a shortcut, and with that folder open, you just drag the highlighted thumbnails from one folder to the other across the desktop and let go. Transfer zips thro'.

  Kegsy 11:24 05 Nov 2003

thanks Imarcus some useful tips there. I've sorted the original problem - when the thumbnails come up I can just drag them all into a new folder in Micrografx Picture Publisher where they automatically get processed.
I've just bought a SM card reader (Jessops 12.99 pounds) which as you say will speed things up even more. Not managed to get it to work yet but there is a helpline no. which I will try

  Kegsy 13:01 13 Nov 2003

the Jessops card reader didn't agree with my computer (WIN98). After several attempts to get it working including phoning the help line, and after a number of crashes and freezes, I returned it and exchanged it for a Belkin, which works fine. I can now download my digi photos in a couple of minutes rather than 20 mins to 1/2 an hour.

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