Saving BIOS to floppy disk.

  [DELETED] 22:39 04 Aug 2003

I need to install the latest BIOS for my MOBO and would like to put my current BIOS onto floppy disk incase I encounter any problems.Can anyone tell me how to do this please ?

  [DELETED] 22:44 04 Aug 2003

The program you use to FLASH (upgrade) your BIOS should help you do this.

Have a look on your mobo manufacturers website for a program to do this..

  [DELETED] 22:47 04 Aug 2003

as Jester2K II has said go the maunfacturers site to see if your MOBO maunsacturer has a programme for it

  [DELETED] 07:51 05 Aug 2003

When you Flash the new BIOS version in you may lose your current settings, note them down first.

  [DELETED] 16:25 05 Aug 2003

Hi, P.P.

There's a little programme called Bios 1.35.1 which I understand will enable you to save the Bios

click here

Just checked the above link and it is still there under My Software (DOS) Main Page. Haven't used it myself but saved the link for future ref.

- although all the Bios updates with Flash I've seen have an option to save the current/existing Bios before flashing.

Good Luck and take it one step at a time.



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