saving to 3.5" floppy

  Rossagh 10:17 21 Jan 2003
  Rossagh 10:17 21 Jan 2003

Help please - when I attempt to save to 3.5" floppy, I get an error message - compile error, ambigious name. System is a 500 with 64 mb ram using MSOffice 97 (word)

  microkid 13:11 21 Jan 2003

Have you tried another floppy disk in the drive,
also check how long is the filename of the file that you are trying to copy to the drive and how big is the file.

  Peter 13:34 21 Jan 2003


Have you tried saving the file to your hard disk and then copying it to the floppy?


  Rossagh 10:13 22 Jan 2003

Thanks for replies, unfortunately neither worked. Part of the error msg reads "Microsoft Visual Basic - compile error:Ambigious name detected:Document close". In MS Word I get the msg "you do not have access to the folder 'A:\: See your administrator for access to this folder.
I have reinstalled Windows 98, but this has not solved the problem - does anyone have any further ideas, please?

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