A saved game error

  BigRik 18:57 01 Jun 2006

Hi all.

I've tried to load a saved game (the bomber section in Call of Duty: United Offensive), but I keep getting this message:

`save/autosave/bomber1.svg` was saved with
different script files

After I got my new monitor I increased the game resolution and a few other things while I was in the menu.

Could this be the cause and if so, do I need to play it through again?

Its the same for all the saved games.

Any help is appreciated.

  SLAYER 19:38 01 Jun 2006

You might be wiser going to the game website as they will probably have a support section and may even have a forum better suited to answering this type of question.

  BigRik 11:03 03 Jun 2006

I've had no joy from the site.

Have any avid gamers out there seen this message before, and therefore know what it might be?

  gudgulf 11:10 03 Jun 2006

This is an update patch problem....I forget which patch it is ........1.5 I think.

Whatever...once applied it changes some files significantly and your old save games wont work any more!

It happened to me as well...updated United Offensive so I could join my friends online server.....then found all my hard earned save games(veteran level) were "saved with different sctript files" and unusable.

You either need to reinstall the game and then don't apply the patches.Opt to keep saved games when uninstalling.

Or.............Play it again (that's what i did)!

  gudgulf 11:16 03 Jun 2006

This is it....Patch 1.51

click here


"Special note from Activision: "Single player save games from the retail version of Call of Duty United Offensive will not work after the patch is applied.""

  BigRik 10:21 04 Jun 2006

I guess I'll have to play it again! Life is so hard sometimes!

Your a star gudgulf. Thanks for that mate.

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