saved attachment in Outlook Express

  Boy Zone 10:21 18 May 2005

Hi to you all.

Can you please help, having ammend a doc sent to me in OE, I did not SAVE it AS I just saved it, (error), now I can't open it to send.
It seems to be saved in a location :-
local setting/temp internet/contents.IE5/and then a sting of letters.

I can see the file but how do I open this?

  DieSse 13:16 18 May 2005

If you "Saved" it, it should be wherever you saved it - not just in the temp folder. You don't need to "Save it As"

Try saving it again, and this time look where it will be saved to, so you can find it more easily.

  Boy Zone 13:48 18 May 2005

Thanks for your reply, but.

When I saved this file, I did not specify where to save, my mistake.
I can see the file as stated in my opening thread, but I can't access this folder. When I open temp internet folder I cant see a folder called "contents.IE5", even when I do a search I can't locate the file in question.
When you save an attachment, without specifying the save location, it seems the default saved location is as above, but how do you access this?
A few hours work amending the file is something I don't want to repeat.

  GroupFC 14:12 18 May 2005

I have just sent myself an e-mail with an attachment. I opened it and opened the attachment (which was an excel worksheet, I then changed the file, closed it and was asked if I want to save the changes. I clicked yes without specifying where to save it, and closed Excel. I then re-opened the attachment to the e-mail and my changes were there!

Have you tried this?

I think this works because by saving without specifying where, it overwrites the original file at local setting/temp internet/contents.IE5/.

  DieSse 14:59 18 May 2005

"When you save an attachment, without specifying the save location, it seems the default saved location is as above,"

I wouldn't have thought so - but if you want to see that folder, change the Tools - Folder Options - View, when in Explorer, to include system files.

  Boy Zone 15:59 18 May 2005

Once again thanks,

DieSse, you say change the folder option in Explorer, via tools? DO youy man internet options, because I cant see an option for system files.

  palinka 20:37 18 May 2005

Don't know if this will work, but how about looking for it via Start>search>all files and folders and type in a phrase or two from the email or attachment. Then click "find now".

  DieSse 23:06 18 May 2005

DieSse, you say change the folder option in Explorer

Yes Explorer - NOT Internet Explorer

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