Save Your 'My postings' in Favourites

  Miros 20:12 07 Sep 2007

My postings is still up the wall, so I have gone to the last page which has my latest postings on it and saved in my favourites in a new folder named it AAA, then organised my favourites alphabetically it's now top of the list and opens up to the last page which should be my first page straight away.

Saves me trawling through other pages.

If they get My Postings back to normal again I'll just delete it.

  birdface 20:35 07 Sep 2007

Good thinking Miros.You are a step ahead of the rest of us.

  Miros 22:24 07 Sep 2007

Kind of you to say so thank you. I just wish it was really true:-)

  setecio 07:32 08 Sep 2007

Or if you look at the address bar, the last number sr=1 .... just change the number . I take to mean 'Starting with Result number=' so change it to 500 will start with your 50h result in that search .... for those who have many posts.

  Miros 08:27 08 Sep 2007

Your probably right but you will still have to load 'My Postings' twice I think, whereas above favourite method is a one click access.

I honestly didn't think the problem would last so long, but mine is still up the wall.

  Miros 19:21 08 Sep 2007

'My Postings' are still not working correctly.
But if you follow my first posting here you can make a shortcut to 'My Postings.

When I follow setico's posting I'm afraid it doesn't work for me, that takes me back to PCA start page.

  Miros 10:46 09 Sep 2007

I'm amazed that it is still not right, but will close this anyway and carry on using my solution to the problem as above until they sort it out.
If ever?

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