Save and view Gif. images

  Glyn 19:39 02 Jan 2004

I recently tried to save some gif. images but when I came to view them in Windows Explorer the thumbnails were blank. I tried saving the images as bmp. and jpg. instead of gif. but those came out blank as well.

Am I doing something wrong or do I need a specific program/download before I can store and view these things.


  short-circuit 20:09 02 Jan 2004

What happens if you double-click on one of these stored files. Does the picture open then? Is it just the thumbnail that is blank?

  Glyn 13:29 03 Jan 2004

The thumbnail is blank and when you double-click on it so is the enlarged image.
Same story when you try as bmp. and jpg.


  Sheila-214876 14:26 03 Jan 2004

Download Irfanview free image viewer from click here

  short-circuit 17:12 03 Jan 2004

Can you right click on the thumbnail and tell me what type of file it says it is and whether it is associated with any particular program?

Have you other images on your machine, that display in a satisfactory manner as thumbnails and open up OK? What program do they open with?

  Glyn 22:37 03 Jan 2004

Tried Irfanview - no joy

Thumbnail reads 'GIF Image'


  christmascracker 22:43 03 Jan 2004

worth a try

control panel, folder options, file types, find Gif in the list, click on it and in the box below click restore

  Pesala 23:00 03 Jan 2004

Tell us which image you are having trouble with.

  Sheila-214876 11:07 04 Jan 2004

Where did you get these .gif images from and were they showing on your monitor at the time of saving them? .gif images are normally web based or given away on cover disks for adding to websites. If you look in your Temporary Internet File folder you should see lots of .gif images try double clicking one of those and see if that open OK.

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