save specific pages of document ?how

  end 16:23 01 Nov 2004

I have a 60 page document ; (using Windows 98se and Word 2000)
I want to save specific pages separately to complete them on computer then e mail them across for my tutor to analyse the content.
but how?

cannot work out how to tell computer to save a specific page or group of pages separately; clues please would be helpful.tas

the original has been e mailed over to me if that makes any difference?

the whole thing is annoying me now:(

  Taff36 16:33 01 Nov 2004

Quick and easy:

Copy a page and paste it into a separate document. Name the file "PageXX.doc" - Amend, e-mail and then if you need to reinsert cut and paste it back.

Otherwise we could be looking at tracking changes which I`m not sure you need to do.

  hugh-265156 16:38 01 Nov 2004

try clicking 'file/print' and then from your print options box look for an option where it says 'print range/pages' and type in the page numbers each seperated by a comma. then select 'print to file' to save and email this.


  end 16:39 01 Nov 2004

sounnds like an interesting soup mixture:::))))

  Pesala 17:56 01 Nov 2004

Print to file is no use unless your tutor is willing to print them out to look at them, and has the same printer as you. Publish to PDF is possible if you have that option. Then you can select a range of pages.

  end 18:02 01 Nov 2004

none of the above ideas has worked so far:(


  VoG II 18:09 01 Nov 2004

Save the e-maild copy somewhere on your hard drive.

Open it in Word.

Find the page you want and select the text on that page. Press CTRL+C together.

File/New to open a new document.

CTRL+V to paste what you copied earlier.

File/Save to save that page.

File/Close to return to your "master" document.

  end 23:24 01 Nov 2004

I surrender:)

is there any way I can "tell it" ( as mr Mccoy said in startrek " Oh Computer")
to select specific pages; in my attempts with this I have managed to even change a page; not exactly what I had in mind before I have even written anything on it:(

yes, I have it saved on Hard drive and can open it with no problems, but selecting an individual page and "shifting it out" so that I can work on it as an entity in itself, is giving me the run-around:)

my only other option , and long-winded , but an option, is to print the individual pages, then scan them, then save that scan to PC >>I think, I hope>

  scotty 10:44 02 Nov 2004

Open the document, delete the pages not required then Save As

Or am I misunderstanding the problem?

  end 11:22 02 Nov 2004

no, you have not misunderstood the problem;) am trying ( very) each suggestion , to see if I can get them to work; have now to sus out how to delete the "unwanted" pages:)
am assuming that the "original" will still be on PC..

  Timmy!! 11:59 02 Nov 2004

What version of office do you have?

Office 2003 has a 'Microsoft Document Image Writer' which adds itself to your list of printers and would work perfectly with what Huggyg71 suggests except not using the print to file option (as this is effectivly what it does, but allows opening on any pc).

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