Save flash swf movie to hard drive

  underworldmagic 21:18 29 Mar 2006


ive tried my attempts at trying to save a swf from the internet onto my hard drive, the swf file is located at click here

ive tried using the so called flash movie savers, but it only saves the white frame and no animation or user interface (ie buttons etc)

can anyone save this to their hard drive? if you can i will be the happiest man alive!!

please, please help me do this if you are able to


  nukacola 10:22 04 Apr 2006

well i found a new released tool for that it`s called FlashFethcher
for more info see here click here

i paid 30$ for it otherwise you will have to wait ~1 minute before the tool saves it. its very annoying, bur i regestered the tool and it works great!! i`m glad

  underworldmagic 19:46 04 Apr 2006

thanks for your reply

i just need to ask one more thing, i go to the page click here and now ive noticed there is a hidden feature int he swf, first click to enter, then you will see the rocks come apart, now clock on the bottom left, then top left, then bottom right then top right rock, as you are doing this you will see the middle become brighter, and then a small movie will start.

Im trying to save this movie which loads, ive checked temp internet files and i get a fiel saying splash_secretvideo-A_0001[1].swf i think this maybe the file, but when i load it from my hard drive, i just get a blank screen

can you please help in downloading this movie which loads?

Thanks again for your help so far

  nukacola 13:30 26 Apr 2006

well I think the best thing to find out whats the prob - to ask the tech support team. its right on the web

  conrail 20:21 02 May 2006

I use Kool Moveds and it is under File; Export Movies; export as SWF (Flash Movie,
save to the directory you want, hope that helps

  nukacola 12:55 23 Jun 2006

click here
is this an url of the flasdh you want to save?
i`ve already saved it by flashfetcher I can see there any other

  underworldmagic 13:05 23 Jun 2006


The flash on the website has now changed. last time there was a flash video which i really wanted to save, but could not, i even checked temp internet files and there was nothing there.

on second thoughts do you know how to save this video? click here

click on the launch button on the free video on the right and after the ad video the main video will start, how can i save this?


  nukacola 13:45 07 Jul 2006

well after clicking Lauch there is no task bar in IE.
so I dont think this particular flash could be saved at all

  dumb_haddik 13:53 08 Jul 2006

if i ever want to save stuff like that, what i do is wait for the flash movie to load, then click tools, internet options, settings, view files and find it in the temporary internet files folder, copy it to the documents and voila :-)

Saved flash movie file

  underworldmagic 13:56 08 Jul 2006


Thats what i usually do, but sometimes it does not work.

For example if you look at this link click here

and click on the video which ive been trying to save, it wil not go into temp internet files,

Any way of saving that?

  dumb_haddik 14:10 08 Jul 2006

I'm not sure. These are streaming videos, so they dont actually download the whole file to your pc, but run it from the server directly. Usually they are protected, as i have tried to download music videos from msn video, and it does not let me. so i'm not sure if you can

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