Save Email as a word document

  p.r.b 20:36 03 Dec 2005

Hi can I save Email as a word doc and if so how please. I'm sure this must have been asked before ( I have tried to find in search area ) but it comes up no match
thanking you in advance

  watchful 20:43 03 Dec 2005

You can highlight it and file/save as and choose text file. Then right click the saved mail and open with Word if that's any use?

  Fingees 20:46 03 Dec 2005

You can right click the page.
select all
open word , right click and paste.

  watchful 20:54 03 Dec 2005

I just tried that but it wouldn't paste into Word.

  DieSse 21:54 03 Dec 2005

After you select what you need, you must first Copy - to get it onto the clipboard - then you'll have something to Paste.

  p.r.b 21:55 03 Dec 2005

watchful, Fingees is right I've just done it !!!thanks to both of you replying - another little problem solved

  nagonlouse 12:02 04 Dec 2005

Paul, If your problem is solved would you be so kind as to tick the thread, Solved.

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