save attachments in My Docs - foolproof way wanted

  palinka 14:33 20 Nov 2005

I'm trying to find an idiot-proof way to make saving attachments from emails simpler for an elderly friend who finds it difficult. He Opens the attachment, then goes to File>Save As (at least I assume he does that rather than just Save).Then he clicks Save. The first option in Save In tends to be a folder called something like 2OKYX2LW, which is a sub folder in "Content.IE5". So that's where he saves it & of course can never find it again. He forgets to look at the alternatives to the 2OKYX2LW by clicking the down arrow to save it in My Documents. But that is such a long way down the options, and therefore more difficult to find (I know it isn't really, but he always finds it complicated).
Is there any way to set things up so that My Documents appears higher up the list ; that way he's more likely to Save in the right place?
Or maybe another solution to the same problem?

  csqwared 14:49 20 Nov 2005

You don't say what OS you're using or which e-mail software. I'm using Outlook Express (with W98SE) and using "Save As" defaults to the My Documents folder. I'll see if I can find the setting which sets it like that.

  LAP 14:50 20 Nov 2005

One option is to create another folder in say Outlook Express then all he will have to do is drag & drop the email/attachment into it.

  palinka 14:56 20 Nov 2005

OS is XP . He uses OE.

  palinka 14:57 20 Nov 2005

thanks, LAP, that sounds a promising idea.

  palinka 15:25 20 Nov 2005

csqwared, sometimes it defaults to My Docs, sometimes not. I haven't been able to pinpoint what causes the difference.

  GroupFC 15:37 20 Nov 2005

I have just had a little experiment on this (I am using OE6), and I think that the problem arises because the attachment is being opened and then saved, so in effect is being saved in the same location as the original (presumably a sort of temp folder buried very deep in the bowels of windows!).

If I open the message (rather than the attachment) and select file, save attachment, the dialog box that pops up has the location where the last attachment was saved to. Alternatively, if open the message and right click the attachment and select save as that opens a dialog box with the default of My Documents.

The only real problem I see, is trying to explain all this to your friend!

Good luck and hope that helps!

  palinka 15:57 20 Nov 2005

Thanks for that GroupFC. That makes sense to me; it is indeed a temp file buried somewhere. I've re-saved some of the stuff he's put there and I've deleted the empty temp files; but of course a new one is created whenever he performs the same action. As you say, the problem is explaining things to him, but your analysis makes in clearer in MY mind, so maybe....!!
As for the right clicking solution - if i ever manage to persuade him to get a mouse for his laptop, so that right clicking becomes more intelligible to him, I'll be in with a chance. Meanwhile....??

  GroupFC 21:31 20 Nov 2005

Perhaps if right clicking is a problem then my first suggestion might work - once YOU have saved one attachment to the location of your/his choice (by opening the message and selecting file>save attachments and then browsing to the chosen location), when he goes >file>save attachment with subsequent attachments the dialog box shoud offer up the same location (at least it did when i was experimenting!).

  palinka 08:49 21 Nov 2005

Yes, of course, I hadn't thought of that! Thank you.

  wee eddie 09:12 21 Nov 2005

Right Click the Item > A box opens in the top right is a box marked "Save in" > O it's right are 2 Yellow folders > Click the one marked with a "Carriage Return" arrow > This will move the text in the box up one level > keep doing this till he reaches "Desktop" > Select "My Documents" (Double left click) > Select the folder he wishes to file it in > Click OK.

There may be minor differences in the rout, depending on his starting point. Once he has chosen the file he will automatically go there until he selects another.

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