.sav file

  Tootyfruity 20:52 30 Nov 2005

Please please help. I can'topen a sav file, in fact i don't even know wat one is. I have windows xp and have microsoft office but nothing will open the file. i think it may be for an SPSS programme but is there any other programme that will open this as i don't have spss either.
The file is an assignment set by my lecturer but as i can't open it it seems pointless. Any help is greatly appreciated.

  VoG II 20:54 30 Nov 2005

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I would request the lecturer to send the file again in a sensible format - tactfully of course.

  Tootyfruity 20:57 30 Nov 2005

Wish i could but it's a file on the uni site accessible to all the students on my course and they seem to be getting on fine with it.

  mattyc_92 20:57 30 Nov 2005

You usually get these files when playing "roms" (using "emulators" on your computer).... For example, playing a GameBoy Advance game on your PC.

  Tootyfruity 21:20 30 Nov 2005

nope, nothing like those on my comp, its purely for very boring uni work.

  Skyver 21:28 30 Nov 2005

Load the file into BinText (click here), it may give a clue as to what application is required to open it.

  Tootyfruity 21:41 30 Nov 2005

Did, but it was no help, just said it was an A and then tht was it. What do i do with that info?

  Skyver 22:03 30 Nov 2005

Nothing really, it was just a suggestion - some files include some giveaway text or markers identifying them.

  phono 01:19 01 Dec 2005

"SAV is the file extension for generic backup and save file formats".

See here click here

  Durko 12:43 01 Dec 2005

Your right SAV is for SPSS (Statistical Package for Social Scientists) used it during undergrad and postgrad studies at uni and for research projects at work. You can import spss files into Ms Excel and Ms Access but you must first be in spss to make the transition.


  Tootyfruity 13:07 01 Dec 2005

ok thanks for all your help. ended up going all the way back to uni and accessing it in the computer lab as i still could not open it at home.

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