Satellite Laptops

  Chubby Barbarian 03:37 22 Feb 2004

Please can anyone provide me with details (Make & Model, Web site etc) about REAL satellite Laptops. Laptops you really can use anywhere in the world, connect to the internet and not have to worry about getting a Cell phone signal.

  Stuartli 08:43 22 Feb 2004

Toshiba has a range of Satellite laptops but, in this case it's a trademark..:-)

You don't need a "special" laptop - for instance there's this method:

click here

and, via the GPS link on the left, at:

click here

No doubt there are many more such websites.

  Taran 09:31 22 Feb 2004

I'm not sure you underdtand how a connection is established.

There has to be a channel to connect to for a wireless enabled laptop to gain a traffic signal for web access, file transfers and so on. Imagine that wireless is just the same as plugging a modem cable in, ecept the data is transmitted in a different way.

You still access to an ISP account in most cases and you need to be in an area that is enabled for wireless connectivity.

Most mainstream airports, rail stations, many universities and large colleges, coffee shop chains like StartBucks, large hotel chains and other areas are wireless enabled but they aren't a free to use service - you still have to pay per use the majority of the time and this can be very, very expensive.

In theory, any wireless enabled laptop [including most of the Apple notebook range] can take advantage of wireless connectivity but there is a very large myth at large that you can simply wander the world with a wireless enabled notebook and have a signal to hand all the time, everywhere, to use as you will.

Frankly, the Intel Centrino adverts do more than their fair share to confuse consumers, but at least the latest ad mentions that you can run up and down the stairs, in and out of bedrooms, kitchens and garden IF your home is wireless enabled. It's that small detail that a lot of people overlook.

There are some companies that have set up "free for all" zones where you can literally walk in and your wireless enabled notebook will scan for a usable connection. Most of these have disappeared since it is a fools game offering free for all access. File sharing, bandwidth leeching and all kinds if very nasty things can and have happened to these zones. Most wireless networks are set up now with a well locked down general access area offering limited functions while the "safe" or "accepted" areas and users within the network framework often have greater freedom and use of the service.

I've used my laptops for several years now when overseas on business and most international hotels at least have modem or fast broadband access which you can plug into. An adapter pack to change your modem cable to work in pretty much every country in the world is modestly priced and the majority of the hotels I use in the States have had either fast LAN or wireless [often Apple Airport] installed for years.

The bottom line is that you can't wander anywhere you like without a working connection of some description and even with communication technology the way it is today there are still a lot of places where you will not get cover.


  Taran 09:33 22 Feb 2004

I should have added that the satellite connection options are horribly expensive, even if they do offer potentially greater world coverage for out-of-the-way areas.


  Chubby Barbarian 03:58 23 Feb 2004

All info noted, I think I will sign-up for the Vodafone Mobile Connect Card I just heard about.

Thanks again


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