Satellite broadband - saviour or sinker?

  sasak 14:11 05 Feb 2003

The new wave os staellite ISPs such as Silvermead offering broadband download only service through your sky minidish for £25 a month sounds like a great idea for us folks living in smallsville in the countryside. Has anyone any thoughts or experience? There must be some catches.



  nightporter 14:29 05 Feb 2003

As it's download only, you'd still need a dial up connection to send e-mail, so thats a pretty big downside.

  nightporter 14:31 05 Feb 2003

You wouldn't have been able to post your question. I'm not knocking it though, its maybe the only answer if you live out in the sticks.

  sasak 16:38 05 Feb 2003

I figured its gotta be better than having a modem stuck at 28kbps although gaming etc would still be out. Uploading would carry on as it is now - v slowly.


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