Satellite Broadband Question

  AngeTheHippy 10:16 02 Apr 2010

Morning All,

I live rurally and broadband is pants. Before I go ahead and start enquiring, can someone tell me the following::

1. Does the end user need an ISP AS WELL as the Satellite provider or

2. Does the Satellite provider double up as ISP also?

Reason I ask, if the end user needs BOTH the ISP AND Satellite, the monthly costs will be a bit prohibitive.



  bremner 11:44 02 Apr 2010

It is your bullet 2.

However I looked into this and found the speed was low and the cost very high. This being typicalclick here i.e. up to 3.6Mb with a cap of 2.4GB a month for £35pm.

I have read that they expect to be able to offer 10Mb in the later part of this year.

What spped do you currently get.

  AngeTheHippy 11:58 02 Apr 2010

Thanks bremner, appreciated.

The local Parish Council have initiated a trial with a Satellite supplier - they claim down speed 5.2mb, upspeed 1mb. I currently have ± 1mb connection.

However, if I ALSO need an ISP, then it is a no-way-Jose situation. Someones havin' a laugh!!


  gaucho. 12:08 02 Apr 2010

Before we got BB in the village, we had satellite BB from the ameriska satellite. This was also the isp, with upto 6 users and a static IP address. Speed was ^mbps with no download limit but the ping and delay to open a page was dreadfull. You could wait 3-10 seconds to open a page. When you downloaded, speed was great.

We had it for £14.99 a month and no telephone line needed.

Unfortunatley the company who ran the service went bust. :-(

  gaucho. 12:08 02 Apr 2010

6mbps speed.

  AngeTheHippy 12:17 02 Apr 2010

Thanks gaucho .... not at all sure about this ...


  DieSse 17:00 02 Apr 2010

Which satellite provider?

There are two types of system - one a downlink only, with the uplink via a separate line - ie the satellite transmits to you what it is told via the telephone line.

The other type is two-way, but since the dish transmits as well, is noticeably more expensive, and usually has a capped download amount. In this case the satellite provider should act as ISP as well (or at least have it bundled in.)

Why not ask the satellite company, or look it up on their website - they'll give you chapter and verse.

  AngeTheHippy 19:50 02 Apr 2010

I've just discovered that the Satellite company WILL also be the ISP.

Many thanks,


  gaucho. 15:47 12 Apr 2010

my satellite connection was both ways. When they went bust we installed a BT line to get BB.

A contract mobile was cheaper than BT's basic package.

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