berm 20:09 14 Dec 2003

See alot of the new motherboards have sata.Will eide disks work on them and do they have different cables.Thanks

  Jester2K II 20:12 14 Dec 2003

EIDE disks will work as long as it has IDE slots (it will for now)

Yest SATA drive have different cables.

  Jester2K II 20:21 14 Dec 2003

All new motherboard SHOULD come with IDE slots too. Although in time (years) they might be phased out.

SATA drives need new cables as the slots are different - usually suplied with the Mobo.

You can get IDE - SATA convertors but not sure of pros and cons.

  cycoze 20:27 14 Dec 2003

Also worth noting some SATA drives will have the new power sockets requiring Serial ATA PSU Converter cables if not supplied with the your PSU/case , while others have the new and the old .

  berm 21:00 14 Dec 2003

Have i got this right.The motherboards shown as SATa have both types of slots so i would be allright getting one as my eide disks and cables will fit.

  duckers 21:34 14 Dec 2003

1. The motherboard will have IDE slots as well as SATA so you current disks will be OK.

2. SATA uses different data cables to connect to your motherboard, they're much smaller and neater, in genereal the SATA cables are about £5, cheaper if you look about and if the motherboard has SATA at least one SATA cable is usually provided in the box, but dont quote me on that!.

3. If you do buy a SATA drive you will require a power cable converter as PSU's generally come with drive IDE size power connectors, unless your PSU or SATA hard disk comes with one. I dont understand why they actually changed the power cable size,, anyone willing to shed some light on that one???

4. If you can afford it go for SATA hard drives, they'll possibly give a small performance increase over IDE..

5. You can buy converters for about 20 quid that let you plug IDE drives into the motherboards SATA slots, but I doubt this will have any benefits...

Hope this has helped...

  Kudu 21:40 14 Dec 2003

All clear now .Thanks to all for help.Never came across SATA before so was completely lost.

  SGT [email protected] 21:42 14 Dec 2003

i read in custom pc magazine that you dont get any difference in perfomance , its only the connector thats different , the rest of the hdd is exactly the same as an identical hdd with an ide connector.

  berm 21:52 14 Dec 2003

I wont be buying a sata disk in the near future so wont be getting converters.Why do they have to keep changing things its bad enough kmowing whats happening with things just now.

  Jester2K II 22:48 14 Dec 2003

SATA currently runs at 150 mbps compared to the maximum of 133 mbps with ATA-133.

However the SATA standard will get faster as ime goes on (like IDE did)

SATA can also be used in RAID type arrangements too.

  Chegs ® 23:50 14 Dec 2003

Present SATA techno will show a slight improvement over IDE drives(they are developing revisions already,which show even more speed)once they finally get a stable,WHQL driver sorted out.I have 2x SATA hdd's,my XP install disc rarely gets put away lately,as it "forgets" data and rebooting gets an assortment of error messages,from missing files to corrupted hdd's.I am getting approx 18 hours worth of puter usage before having to repair/reinstall XP.

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