Spondooly 13:22 30 Mar 2007

Is there any advantage in using a SATA HDD as opposed to a IDE HDD. Also can the two types be used side by side?

  Batch 13:33 30 Mar 2007

SATA are reputed to be faster IDE (aka ATA or PATA).

You can use both in a PC as long as the system has disk controllers for both types (they use different cabling from the controllers, typically on the mobo, to the HDDs).

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:02 30 Mar 2007

SATAs are faster but you will never notice the difference we are talking nano/milli seconds here.

Yes you can use both together without any problems.

  QuizMan 14:25 30 Mar 2007

The only advantage to me is that I now have 2 SATA hard drives and this has freed up both IDE channels. So my DVD rom sits on the primary IDE channel and the DVD rewriter sits on the secondary one. They seem to work better that way rather than the master/slave set up I had previously.

  Fingees 15:22 30 Mar 2007

SATA, Much better, run cooler, and with thinner cables 7 wires instead of 40 on ribbon, helps air circulate.

don't need links to select primary/secondary

normally run at faster revs. extra stability.

  Spondooly 15:33 30 Mar 2007

Thank you to all those who answered my query. I've taken on board all your answers. Much appreciated.

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