sata v ata mobo

  sputnick 14:45 06 Nov 2004

I am looking to replace my momo but am a little confused as to the difference between sata and the moment I have eide devices.
Can anyone explain what I shouls be looking for.
I have Athlon XP cpu.

  Dorsai 15:38 06 Nov 2004

EIDE and ATA are (somwhat confusingly) two different names for the same thing.

SATA is a new standard, and as such EIDE/ATA devices will only work if the new board has both types of connection. I suspect that for a while some new board's will, to allow people with ATA drives to copy their stuff off their old EIDE drives onto their nice new SATA ones, or retain their old drives and upgrade later.

  sputnick 16:25 06 Nov 2004

Many thanks

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