sata raid driver help!!!!

  [email protected] 20:45 16 Mar 2005

i have bought the msi k7n2 delta 2 platinum, tomorrow i am buying a 120gb sata harddrive, i have the sata drivers on a floppy disc, the problem is...i dont have a floppy disc drive, will windows still go on the drive and format ok???? do i have to install the drivers to get my sata drive working????

  User-312386 20:56 16 Mar 2005

you need to initialise the drive, either on a floppy or on a CR-R

  [email protected] 21:01 16 Mar 2005

so one way or the other.. iv got to get those drivers off of that floppy! when windows askes me for sataraid drivers i have to insert the cd with the drivers on?

  keith-236785 21:03 16 Mar 2005

you will have to write the files to a cd so winxp can access it during setup, this will require some disc swapping though, i have not tried this way as i always prefer to have a floppy drive for things like this and bios flashing, saving a small text file or photo for a friend etc.

best i can do m8

good luck

p.s dont forget to press F6 during winxp setup to load sata/raid drivers, give it chance to finish what its doing (it seems to just carry on loading windows then changes screen to accept the sata driver disk).....follow the instructions

  User-312386 21:04 16 Mar 2005

can you not borrow a floppy drive?

  [email protected] 23:39 16 Mar 2005

thanks allot for the help. i will give it a go!

  Chegs ® 23:48 16 Mar 2005

I was maybe just unlucky,but my previous attempts at getting XP to accept the drivers were elsewhere other than A:\ failed repeatedly.I eventually managed to create a "slipstreamed XP" install cd with the drivers included(also known as an "unattended" install)but it took numerous wasted cdr's before I finally got one that worked(albeit not unattended,as I had to keep "Esc" keying to ignore errors)Good luck.

  dan11 00:18 17 Mar 2005

Yes you will have to install the drivers. Simplest thing is to put in a floppy:-)

Before you install, go to the advanced bios menu / hard disk boot priority and select SATA as first.

If you have a usb flash drive, you can install the sata drivers on this and go to intergarted peripherals / on board device. make sure the onchip usb is set to 1.1/2.0

The usbKB/ storage support is enabled and of course serial ATA is also enabled.

F10 to save and exit.

It should now find the SATA drivers on the USB storage device on setup.

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