Sata Problems?

  craneman01 22:21 14 May 2004

Hi guys. A Problem.
Have a 3 gig P4 running XP Pro in the computer with 512meg ram & have a Serial ATA HDD spare hanging around. Decided to stick it in the computer via a serial ATA Silicon Image PCI controller card.
The computer recognises it ok but when it starts up it is so slow ( around 3 to 4 mins to load)............the "worm" as I call it that shows the loading process is so so slow. When I get to the "Welcome" screen to select your name, everything appears ok.
Any ideas guys?

  Chegs ® 00:44 15 May 2004

When I had 2x SATA and an IDE HDD my pc used to be dog slow.Removing IDE made no difference until I "repaired/reinstalled" XP Home.Then I ceased using IDE and made my puter SATA only,it only ever gives trouble now on 1st boot,I have to enter BIOS and sit twiddling my thumbs for 15-20 mins,or I get "Incomplete RAID set" error messages.If I allow the hdd's a few mins to warm up it fires up and runs beautifully,so I tend to leave it on 24/7.

XP2600 CPU(occasionally OC to 2338Mhz)


240 Gb SATA hdd's partitioned into 15-20 Gb chunks.

  mrdsgs 08:24 15 May 2004


sounds like you loaded the sata RAID driver rather than the BASE driver if it is saying incomplete raid set. also you may have sata function set to raid rather than base in bios if it is a motherboard sata controller

craneman 01

sounds like the computer is trying to boot from the pci controlled sata disk and only after that fails does it look at the ide hd.

look in bios for setting to specify first boot device.

also see my message above to ensure that you have right drivers and bios settings for the sata pci controller.


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